Friday, September 11, 2015

Making Baby Formula and other Crazy-Granola Mom Type Behavior

I know what you are thinking...I was thinking the EXACT same thing a few months ago.
She crazy.

Just so you know, you will find ZERO judgement here on how/what you decide to feed your baby...we will start with one of my favorite quotes on the subject.

I have both bottle and breastfed. Through both experiences, I have felt guilty, elated, shamed, inconvenienced and frustrated.  I have been glared at for nursing in public or looked down upon by other moms for formula feeding.
When are we going to let families make their own decisions?  Yes, if the health of the mother and/or child is at hand, there needs to be careful input. But come on!!

I hearby declare this a ZERO judgement zone.

Whew. Glad that is out of the way...
Now, if you decide to try to make your own formula there are several ways of going about it. Soy, coconut milk, the list goes on and on. Depending on your family budget, your child's dietary needs and allergies, you can find what you are looking for. 

We chose raw milk infant formula.
Did I lose you?
Remember. I know what you're thinking. I was thinking THE SAME THING two years ago. 
Raw milk?!?!  Like... straight from a cow?!?!  

I still recall, with great detail, the moment I took my first bite of cereal with our newly purchased raw milk. And I was like... Oh. This tastes like....milk.

But better.
It's delicious.  

It is important to know your state's laws on raw milk, and always purchase with a reputable farmer.  Cows should be grass-fed and kept in pastures. Our farmer was highly recommended by several of our friends, that had been purchasing from him for awhile.  We were also able to go and visit "Farmer Jimmy" and our cows. It was amazing! 
I call her Betty.

Fast forward over two years. Weight issues with Monkey #4, and I start thinking about making my own formula.  Cause I have all kinda extra time, {Rolls eyes at self}.  

An excellent resource for raw milk's many uses and benefits is: The Westin A. Price Foundation.  
I understand there are many "scary" things written on raw milk, and just as many Crazy-Granola Moms meandering around cyberspace. But this website is awesome.

Okay. First thing. Take a deep breath. The list of ingredients can seem overwhelming, but most of it is straight forward. I'm not even going to post the whole list here, because I want you to still like me. 

So,here is a link to the ingredients/directions.

I know. I know. 
Half way through the list I shut off my phone, trying to hold back tears and the urge to punch something. 
Then I got to the part about making your own whey
I have to MAKE my own effing ingredients to MAKE the formula?!?!  
Yea. BUT. Its really not as bad as you think. 
You really are participating with nature, and the raw milk just does its thing. It's kinda cool.

Here is an EXCELLENT step-by-step video from Westin A. Price Foundation:
Just to warn you...She maybe Queen of the Granola-Moms. I bow to her.

Also, I highly recommend buying the "kit" of all ingredients from Westin A. Price Foundation. The Professor and I did MUCH research to find low prices and they are the best when starting out!!

Okay, proof is in the pudding. My Monkey #4 was at 11% in weight at his almost 5 month check up. And now...
Up to 26% in a little over a month!

Now that I think about it...maybe proof is in the thighs...
I just want to chew on these

Along the whey (pun very much intended) we had to make some modifications. Like dropping the Nutritional Flakes due to excess spitting up. Which we carefully researched and experimented with. Some of the ingredients are non-essential and the Westin A. Price website is perfect for troubleshooting any issues you may face. 

Good luck. Don't get overwhelmed....and matter how this all starts, it ends with your Monkeys eating french fries off the floor.

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