Friday, June 27, 2014

The Day Pizza Rolls Saved My Life

Really this blog could be titled: "The Day(S) Pizza Rolls Saved My  Life"

I believe in balance. I want to do right by my family. But NOT at the expense of my sanity or the peace of my home. The ONLY thing I am an extremist about is NOT being an extremist...

You know those know. Like you sat in a doctor's appointment for your littlest monkey and had to take the other two monkeys with you. 15 snacks, a couple of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes on your phone and 2 toys thrown aside and you are about to lose your mind.  You even resorted to singing and dancing, despite your current attitude. That happened to be when the doctor walked in. Awesome.
Pizza Rolls  for dinner.

OR the day you feel like you are oozing organic-ness through your pores as you excitedly drive out to see your "cow share" cow. You didn't quite realize how far it was. You didn't bring enough snacks. So, on the way home, you go through the Wendy's drive-through with your cooler full of raw milk mocking you from the back seat. 

Maybe you look out the window at your lovely, overgrown, organic garden. You should look at it and smile. Instead you look at it and see more work to do. Is that MORE green beans?! I should be happy about this, right? But all I want to do right now is watch this re-run of Gilmore Girls. 
Pizza Rolls for dinner.

Perhaps, as you are trying to write a blog, your 2nd monkey comes down stairs completely naked, with the exception of the blue Wii remote around his wrist.  If The Professor wasn't making dinner tonight...guess what we would be having?!

I am ALL FOR taking good care of your family. And proper nutrition is important. But sometimes girl, you gotta just pop in some Pizza Rolls and live to fight another day.

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